New York Engineering Services

Multidisciplinary Engineering Services

Engineering services and design solutions for any problem. Coordinated service minimizing construction delays and cost overruns. Lead consultant services.

Construction Support Engineering

Create design drawings in an efficient and constructible manner. Design of all temporary works, including steel and concrete shop drawings, and steel connection design.

Global Expirience

Global experience in various building types, from high-rise buildings and airports, to smaller residential and commercial projects. Experience in prefabricated and modular design.


JEC is a premier engineering consultancy providing structural engineering services from Feasibility and Conceptual Design, to Construction Documents and Construction Administration services. We serve clients / owners, architects, contractors, and provide full engineering solutions, including Design and Build project delivery. 

Our unique offering combines feasibility, design, and construction services (including steel and concrete shop drawings) for a seamless solution and one point of contact, ensuring coordinated and optimized solution delivery. 

structural engineering
Structural Design

We provide structural design services for any asset type: from individual residences to large airports and high rise structures.

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Construction Engineering

Contractor support services, including logistics, concrete and steel shop drawings using TEKLA 3D BIM, erection drawings, etc.

project optimization
Project Optimization

We specialize in project optimization service, focusing on total design - we evaluate impact on changes to the overal building design rather than discipline specific impact.

multidisciplinary design
Multidisciplinary Design

With our partners, we offer fully coordinated multidisciplinary design, and can also take the role of the Lead Consultant, including a responsibility of delivering a fully coordinated design.

Focus: Steel Connection Design and Shop Drawings

JEC can provide full connection design, 3D TEKLA models, and full steel and concrete shop drawings as a specialist serivce. All connections are designed in industry leading 3D FE software, and are checked by licensed Professional Engineers.

Engineering Services

Our comprehensive engineering services, tailored to exceed project needs, include:

  • Structural Analysis and Design: In depth assessment and innovative design solutions.
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization: Precise, immersive models for detailed project planning, design, construction, and cost / schedule assessment.
  • Construction Support: Shop drawings, design and build, temporary works design and design verification of temporary structures, complete sequence of construction engineering solutions
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings: Upgrade, retrofitting, and revitalization of structures.
  • Optimization Services: Enhancing efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Sustainable Design Solutions: Implementing LEED and other sustainable practices and materials to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Consultancy and Expert Advice: Tailored guidance and specialized engineering consultations.
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